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Bill Anderson

I appreciate the desire to drive your kart from your pit spot to the grid and vice versa.  As a karter, I like it.  As an event manager, it keeps me up at night due to safety concerns.  So lets talk about safety for a minute.  I was at Grattan this summer and witnessed the CES racers driving through the pits.  As a pedestrian, I was afraid I would miss the guy who was coasting while watching the guy with the noisy engine coming from another direction.  MKC limits the use of bicycles, skate boards, ATVs in the pits as we have had insurance claims from people that have been hurt by these vehicles.  Now, let me share a tid-bit from ISC, the track owner.  Other than licensed automobiles & trucks, they don’t allow ATV’s golf karts, or other motorized to be operating in the pit/paddock area unless you want to rent a golf kart from them for $400/weekend.

Let’s talk about another issue:  The pass thru from pit to grid past the Michigan Room where registration is conducted.  That is a congested pinch point area as karts are coming and going as well as foot traffic.  In addition, we want to inspect karts passing to the grid for presence of tech stickers, driver wrist bands, numbers, and scoring transponders.

We can’t produce you the results you expect without some of these check-outs.

So, bottom line is that safety, and attention to detail, is what we are all about.

We are always looking for experienced volunteers looking to help make a good event, outstanding.