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Bill Anderson

Thanks for the suggestion.  Naturally when we publish a schedule it is done in the winter after reviewing last years’ participation.  Quite a bit of research went into setting up the schedule and it was anticipated that the number of karts would be greater at MIS in 2015 than in years past.  We needed to publish something for you to look at.  That being said, we always have the opportunity to modify the schedule, especially for practice.  What we have is a 20 minute cycle time per group:  Track time + track pick-up. That makes for 3 groups per hour.  Why three groups?  In the past, folks complained that the type of kart on the track made for awkward practice laps with some folks creeping in the turns then blasting down the straightaway.  The enduros didn’t want to play on the same track with others. The kids/juniors need to be protected from the adults.  We had an irate father chew us out 2 years ago because his kid got run off the track by a competitor.  I have photos of a karter being run over from behind because  faster karter could wait just one moment in an infield corner.

Bottom line.  We’ll adapt.  We have the option of doing 2 groups.  Either longer cycle time like 30 minutes or the normal short cycle, but more of them.  If everyone would pre-enter we could have these issues settled before race day.

So, hang on, we’ll make the best of the situations as they present themselves.

Bill Anderson