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Ambrose Buldo

Thanks for the link. I will read it tonight. We’ve been experinging a problem with our Upgraded Rotax Evo Max were the engine would just rev limit at 12,400 RPM. The more we ran the kart the more often it would occur. If I ran 8 sessions of 10 laps each. First few sessions engine reved to 13,900-14.300 no problems. Later in the day every few laps it would rev limit at 12,400 RPM. For example, mid-day sessions, about half the laps would be rev limited. it would be fine, then not, then fine again. No pattern. By the end of the day, most of the laps would be rev limited. The isse clearly shows itself in the AIM data. Going down the straight the revs flatten out like a table top when the issues occurs. it has been a challange for the shop (Who installed the kit) as the problem is inconsistant. If they take the kart out to test it for a couple laps it may be fine, however if I run mutliple sessions over the course of the day, I have the issue.

Are these parts covered under warrantee? For how long?