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Nigel Baines


Well, it turns out we had another member with the failure of the PV staying open at the club tonight. This time we were able to locate this problem to the Orange/Green wire from the Ignition connector to the PV Solenoid connector, however, the issue was with the connection on the Ignition connector this time! New harness required however.

It has also come to light at the club that anyone who still has their PV solenoid hard mounted to the new EVO bracket can experience issues with the high RPM. Some karts would top out at 13800-14400 before the end of the straight, but once the rubber stand-off was installed, this problem was also resolved and the karts would rev freely to 14900. I believe the rubber stand-offs came in the later release of the EVO PV kit too. We think this may only become an issue once the engine is producing these high RPM’s due to the vibrations/resonance on the solenoid.