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Ace Rossi

Decided to just make one on my own.

Still not finished and I might have to cut more off the bottom to allow for more adjustment up and down but from what I’ve seen and cant acquire, I think this will work just fine!

These pics show it just mocked together until I get the correct bolts I want which are button heads because the heads will be under the foam and I want them as flat as possible. The toilet bolts work just like I want but being brass I don’t want to chance them breaking but they were all I had to piece it together until tomorrow.

I have easy vertical and horizontal adjustment.

I made the plate from 0.90 aluminum which is rather stiff plus it’s mounted to the aluminum hoop.

The foam was twice this thickness and splitting it was a challenge but thanks to some redneck ingenuity, it came out pretty good.

Opinions please, good or bad! I need to know!