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Tim Koyen

Given that your kart is an OTK product, and you suffered that much damage in a crash, you can probably assume that is has a bend of some sort in it.  Usually a hit that’s hard enough to bend a steering shaft is going to tweak the chassis somewhat.  The good news is that the OTK karts bend back fairly easily and once straightened, should be just fine.  Someone with experience with those karts should be able to get it straightened back up fairly easily.  Snipers can detect misalignment, which can sometimes be due to a bent frame, but OTK karts bend at the waist frequently and it isn’t always visible on the lasers, yet the weights will be way off and the kart will pull to one side.  Find someone with OTK experience, as those karts don’t scale the same from corner to corner and don’t laser equally from side to side when they are new, so you need to know what you’re doing to get it back to where it once was.

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