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Evan Fraser

For anyone wondering about the end result of all this:

I started by removing some of the material between the inner and outer surface of the pinch point, with no success.  Then I machined out the inside of the cassettes with wire brushes and emery cloth, found it much easier to insert the bearings but was still tight at the pinch point.  I then split the cassette completely at the pinch point.

I was on track for the next race weekend and the difference was huge.  I am now free out of the corners and able to turn much better and accelerate out of the corners again.  End result was that bearings unable to twist in their cassettes = bind, at least in a low power class.  I’m going to take a bit more material off and polish the inner race of the cassettes up nicely as there’s a bit more I can get out of them.

Evan Fraser

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