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Jeremy Baldi

Once again a great event put on by DKC.  Being a new track there we some teething issues but DKC, AKRA and all the competitors worked together to make a fun event.  The track was very technical and very fun to drive.  We got lots and lots of practice and we burned through all our gas proving that.  Thanks to all the people who make a great event like this possible.

Things at NCM that were a little rough (because it was new track) that will hopefully be improved in the future are:

-Paddock Layout.  NCM had us paddocked at either end very far away from bathrooms and pit lane entrance because an autocross event was being held on Sunday were we should have paddocked behind garages.  Hopefully we can get normal paddock next time and autocross could be held closer to the east track.

-PA system.  Currently there is no PA system but as track continues to get built up these will get installed.

-Spectator Viewing. There is not currently good spectator viewing and the 4′-5′ pit wall and 3 layer tall armco makes viewing the karts difficult.  But new scoring tower with observation deck could fix these issues.

-Pit Lane Entrance and Exit to Track.  Not sure if these can be fixed easily but DKC did a great job of working around track design issues and making it as easy as possible to get on and off track.


Number were not great and its disappointing to see such a great event not better attended.  Hopefully racers start coming back out soon or great events like this won’t even be able to happen.  I’ll try and post video soon so people can see what a fun track it was and get out there again.



Jeremy Baldi