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I’ve suggested it before, I will suggest it again…  We all have $300.00 transponders on our karts that we are required to show up to the grid charged and in working order.  Work with GoPro or some other organization to come up with a “standard” BASIC video recording device, strictly mandate it’s mounting position, mandate that it’s up to the driver to ensure it charged, turned on, and ready to go, and make sure it’s $300 or less, just like the current transponder.  It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of the modern GoPro; no need for HD, or stereo sound, or slow motion, etc (all of which should save money and make more reliable by not having, IE, don’t make it a TOY).  Have a very simple to use on/off switch, a bright, flashing light that indicates it ON.  Dumb it down, just like the transponder.  Build it into an indestructible case.

No more arguing over who hit who.  Have a protest?  Gather up all video and review. And yes, this will take some officials time at the event to review the video.  Just like it takes the RD’s time now to listen to arguments over events on the track that he/she didn’t even see.  With the “goal” being to improve driving behavior, OVER TIME, one could conclude there will be less contact, because you can’t get away with it, so over time, there  will be fewer protests, taking less time to review videos.

Probably more reliable than having humans standing in corners trying to keep an eye on 30 karts going flat out in turn one.  Probably less expensive than hiring “more” humans to stand in more corners.

Have a protest?  Didn’t have your camera on?  No problem:  DQ.  No excuses, no exceptions.

And yes, it’s asking the karter to spend yet even MORE money…  I remember WAY back in the day, racing with SCCA, when they scored 50 car fields by HAND up in the tower, and we all threw a fit when they wanted us to buy transponders…  in the grand scheme of things, it really didn’t change anyone’s financials when it came to spending $$$ on racing.

It’s just my humble opinion, and we’ve only been racing karts for a mere 10 years, so we are still newbies…  but I really think this is a viable solution worth looking into.

Thinking about ramming the guy in front of you for 17th place?  Just remember, you’ve got that camera on the front of your kart, recording it all…