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Robert Finlayson

Chris, the survey Lynn was taking and the question I asked was about the 60 kart Tag Senior field at Skusa Summer Nationals. The numbers he gave were for that field, not your shifter class. I have no idea what the weight is for your class and those numbers aren’t from your class, so who is misrepresenting data here? The average amount of lead bolted onto a tag senior kart is 35 pounds. Nobody is saying the weight should be reduced by 35 pounds, that would start excluding people. However, reducing the weight by 10-15 pounds is reasonable with little to no affect.  The Yamaha classes in WKA and USPKS are likewise too heavy. I believe Yamaha senior is running at 360 pounds! The majority of the kids racing in rookie and sportsman have lead bolted all over their seats. I have no idea what the average weight on any of the shifter class is, but if it is 35 pounds, then I would think most think that is too high.

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