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David Galownia

I think Andy hit it head on with the ages and the weights, when I raced at 16-17 years old I weighed between 145 and 155.  I’m 36 now and weight 170.  However how much you weight has NOTHING to do with fitness, that’s flat out ridiculous.  If that were true almost all professional athletes in all major sports are out of shape.

My point is, who cares if you have to add some extra weight to make the sport more inclusive.  Aren’t we already talking about a shrinking group of competitors to begin with?  It seems like a step in the wrong direction to lower the weight by drastic measures.  As it stands now, at 170 with no weight and a lightweight battery in TAG I make 360.  If we drop to 345 we’re basically saying if you weigh more than 155 pounds national karting is not for you.

That’s a depressing thought for a sport I love so much.