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Rob Kozakowski

The minimum weights for SOME classes Рmostly non-shifter Рare too high these days, at least at the National level.

Formula Super A / Formula A used to run at 140 kg = 308-309 lbs.

I know that the TAG karts of today are heavier with the battery, radiator, hoses, clutch, wiring harness, on-board starter, bigger displacement engines, etc., plus all the extra plastic, but it’s doubtful that they’re 55 lbs heavier (SKUSA TAG Senior at 365) than they used to be 20 years ago – and if they are, that’s just further proof that the sport has gone in the wrong direction with TAG.

As for today’s weights, if the average guy in a National level TAG Senior is adding 34 lbs, how can you argue that the weight at that level of competition shouldn’t be reduced by at least 15-20 lbs?