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Ace Rossi

Gonna weld the crack tomorrow and then deliver the whole chassis In pieces to a good friend who is going to run it thru what I think he called a “wheeler beader” that supposedly according to him is a machine that is like a tunnel and the piece (my kart) is fed thru and its blasted with a micro fine mist of metal shavings from a zillion nozzles pointing from all directions and it will bring the complete kart back to brand new look and condition without any distortion what so ever. He said it’s similar to sand and media blasting but no where near as aggressive but it gets everything off including all the nooks and cranny’s that I can’t get. Said the kart frame will have a polished look to it when it’s done and it cost me nothing to have it done. It’s good to have friends like this!

I will post pics after and show the finished  result. Might just clear coat it or maybe just keep it oiled! Who knows! :)