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Daniel Agee

My background before I give my opinion.

2005 (15yo) – KT100 at 340# with 45# lead

2006-2008 – TaG (Leopard) at 375# with 40# in ’06 to zero in ’08 (18yo)

2014 – CR80 at 375# with zero lead weight but 10# over on the scale

Just changed to LO206. Not sure what, if any, I’ll have to put on the kart but I personally am down 25 pounds to 175.

My opinion is two-fold regarding club racing and national level. I think at the national level, the weight minimum should be lower because SKUSA, USPKS, etc are meant for the semi-pros and pros, guys and gals who race often, are of  higher caliber, and should have greater fitness. Dropping weight shouldn’t be an issue and would increase the speed and intensity of these national events.

At the club level, though, weights should either be higher or clubs should offer two weight divisions for the same motor package.  When I got back into karting last fall, I bought an 80 shifter partly because I always wanted to try one but mostly because I felt the increased power would make up for my heavier weight. I was not ready for the shifter and if it weren’t for the 206 and being able to lose some pounds, I probably wouldn’t continue racing. I think the current weight minimums could be off putting to potential newbies. I’d prefer, for example, 206 light at 345# and 206 heavy at 375#.