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Rob Kozakowski

First, no Rotax Max will spin the tires off a standing start or from a low speed.  They have nothing at low RPM.

Some people claim that the old style clutch is even worse from a dead stop than the new style.  Unless you’re road racing with a standing start, this shouldn’t matter.

Others claim no difference from a standing start between old and new style clutch.  Both clutches engage around 3000 rpm, so there shouldn’t be any real difference.  They say it’s all jetting and throttle application.  While I have no experience with the old style clutch, that is 100% the case with the new style – jetting and throttle application.

With the Dellorto carbs on the Rotax Max, you can’t just hammer the throttle.  You need to roll into it, or you will give it more fuel than the carb can handle at low RPM.  The new EVO carb is a little less sensitive to this.

If your problem is nothing below 4000-5000 rpm, it really shouldn’t matter. You should probably never be in that low of a range when racing the Rotax Max.  If you are in/below that range, work on gearing and/or work on your driving/chassis setup so that you aren’t scrubbing speed or bogging the engine down.