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David Galownia

I don’t understand the fascination with dropping weight. I way 170 lbs with 11% body fat and with a light weight battery (tag class) I can come in with almost no fuel at 360.

I run at 360 and 385 locally and lap time difference is between .2 and .5 (closer to .5 on courses with lots of tight turns, high speed courses the difference is less).

Do do we want to screw some racers (yes not the majority) so we can go a few tenths faster?  Is it that difficult to bolt a few extra pounds on the kart?  Trying to understand the reasoning here.  Is there another reason?

And yes I could lose weight but to all you lighter drivers out there you could just as easily gain weight (or bolt lead on) :)

WKA was also asking how much weight was on people’s karts so I worry. Hopefully if there is a weight drop movement its only a minor change.

Realize nothing has happened yet but want to put my opinion out there to represent us “heavy” guys.