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I think that my left to right weight distribution is the biggest factor, so I’m hoping that I can get some good TLC time with the scales next time I am at the track.

To Answer Freddy’s questions:

Seat is flush with the bottom of the frame, maybe 1/8th higher.
I am 5’10”
I don’t have the exact measurement but I am using 2 1/2″ spacers and I have very short hubs up front.
Air pressure is typically 13 or 14 psi. Tires are Vega Blues (spec. so no changing tires)
I have 1 seat strut on both sides.
I tried adding a front torsion bar and it did not make a difference. I do not believe there is a mount point for a rear torsion bar.

The kart is a 2012 Intrepid F4K chassis.

For Gary:
I think playing with seat position and weight distribution is going to be a must to solve this issue. I’ve raised the rear axel to lower the frame and the issue persists. Don’t have and don’t think I can use wider wheels. Might try the rear end asymmetry and see what that does.