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Barry Hastings

I LOVE the predictive lap time,  One issue with the predictive lap time GPS based predictive lap times has to deal with the margin of error of the GPS on a kart track.  Some of the tighter turns are nearer the limits of the window the GPS looks at.  Race car tracks MUCH more reliable as they have larger turns and is easier to be more accurate.

That said, the predictive with GPS is still a great tool for learning new tracks, and to try somethings out in different turns, or groups of turns.  Way back there is a story Senna would go on track with a stop watch to do segment times to figure out what was faster.  Sure we could down load and look at it after the session, but the predictive can give you real time plus, minus for a turn or group of turns.  Go into a turn half a second slower than the best lap, come out only a quarter second slower, you have made it thru that section better than the lap before….

Shawno, yeah you’ll probably crash, New Castle you would have more time to look at the dash.