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Tom Grisham

The real issue is consistency.  Unfortunately, a Race Director can’t see the whole track or all passes throughout the pack.  Often he/she then relies on corner workers, not all of which judge good and bad behavior by the same standard.  The end result is inconsistency.  We race at club, regional and national level events and see the inconsistencies throughout.  I don’t suspect any one person can just fix it, either consistently or permanently.

Race directors typically threaten a strong hand but usually do not follow up.  After a while the drivers assume it is just more words they are hearing at the drivers’ meeting.  Then, when an effort is actually made to “crack down,” more inconsistencies seem to arise, leading to arguments, bad will, complaining, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.  Typically the situation goes back to “normal” at the next race with the drivers self-policing and only the most obvious and clear violations being penalized.

We started with narrow rear bumpers and raced them in the cadet classes with no issues, despite a wide range of experience, ability and aggression on the track.  My vote would be to go back to them.  Otherwise, I feel the most consistent (and thereby arguably the best) approach is to continue to let the drivers self-police, with only clear, obvious and egregious violations that were witnessed by an EXPERIENCED track professional being reprimanded.