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Greg Wright

Derek, I want to emphasize that modern sprint kart racing in particular DOES produce some really intense racing. I must have watched some of the same videos and the beating and banging was pretty intense.

It also appeared that the predominant passing technique was to knock the guy in front of you too deep into the corner and pass them. The good old fashioned “bump and run” method.

If kart racing intends to continue to be a “stepping stone” (Damn I hate that term) then this type of racing needs to get a new mindset. Of course I’m the one that always felt that kart racing should be a sport that can stand on its own merits.

I know that some will take the following statement as being against safety improvements but WTH. Over the last 10-15 years sprint karts have become high performance “bumper cars” with all the plastic these days. Has this stepped up the rough driving due to the minimal penalty incurred?

Yes, yes it has.

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