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Jim Derrig

Unfortunately, the headline and most of the article fails to explain the reason for Fittipaldi’s opinion, which is found in the very last line:
“A formula car is much heavier than a go-kart and it takes a longer time to move it,” he added. “You need more space; there is a different dynamic.”And this transition, [the drivers] have to understand and respect.”
This statement is true and has nothing to do with what the headline implies, which is that karting does not teach good racing skills.  Indeed, the comments below the article are filled with the usual twaddle by no-nothings who seem to think the problem is an F3 car is a big step up in performance, when actually its a step down in everything but top speed.  The drivers are used to the hair-trigger handling of a kart, but now they’re piloting a machine with more top speed and carrying more kinetic energy, but which is less responsive in turning and braking.

That said, I also have to think that the amount of contact allowed in karting, without penalty, has encouraged the type of racing behavior that’s led to the accidents in F3 this year.