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Ambrose Buldo

It’s been a mixed bag so far.

– It took so long for Rotax to futfill my order that I ended up buying kit from a dealer.

– As I was pressed for time, I had dealer install it. In hindsight, to better understand the kit, I should of installed it myself.

– We had Pre-Evo pretty dialed in tuning-wise. We used a Jetting App, and it gave us pretty accurate Plug, Pin and Jet Guidanceidiace. I’ve not found a tool that supports the EVO yet. If anyone is aware of such an application, I’d like to know.

– First time I took it out, it would not rev past 12,300. It would hit that speed and just stall there. I left Kart with dealer to get sorted. Not how they fixed it (I think it involved installing some valve in the plumbing). Post this fix, engine pulls easily to 13,850.

– We also changed to 120 main and IW24 plug (SR). However noticed the kart has no pull out of the very slowest corner. Old setup we were about 5500 rpm, new setup is the same rpm in this corner. It almost dies if I apply the throttle, any-way other than super slow. There is something still fundamentally wrong with engine setup. What time I gained with more RPM, I lost with sluggish bottom end. It is not a kart Gearing or setup issue. I drive our second kart with pre-evo, with same gearing and it launches from low RPM like a beast. It could be simple engine tuning, or it could be the EVO Install (Both engines are reasoanbly fresh).

– Not a huge fan of the Battery Box, Starter Switch.

– Once I get the engine to perform as it did previoulsy, I am sure I’ll be happier.

– Dealer had a box-full of defective parts. I know one team who went through 3 Ign Units as they were rev limited as well.

– I got no documention with the Kit – Anyone Know where I can find the install guide?

– Is there an operatign manaual or do we just download the one for the EVO?

– I find very little referance/support material on the nuances with motor.