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Alan Sheidler

The tube looks to be too high from where it should be in the bowl to me….

Consider that where it extends to is also the top of the fuel level in the bowl.  Too high, and the carb will be in a permanent flood/rich state.

[My PWK is in the workshop, and it is late to get a look at it now.  And I am on a 12 hour shift tomorrow.  Will see if I can get a look and a decent photo for you within a couple of days.]

Edit: I just recalled that I took come pics a while ago for someone else.  No measurements, but see if this helps.  The silver tube upper right corner in the photo is the evac tube.  From my recollection, it extends a little below the bowl seal surface.

Modified Carb


Mod Carb

PWK 2. Evacuation tube is near right front corner.