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Randy McKee

Hi Todd,

Wow they up to 4 rings now on the manifolds?  I have 3 after-market manifolds; two with 2 rings and another with 3 and I think the 2 worked better.  They both seemed to last for about 3 to 4 track days with the viton o-rings.

The biggest problem I ran into with the o-rings was trying to get the pipe over them without cutting them.  I think that’s why the 2 rings worked best (easier to get the pipe over just 2 o-rings).  Not sure if that’s what you are experiencing. If so, try using just 2 rings closest to the motor and use plenty of lube when putting the pipe over them. Also, make sure your o-rings are the proper size.  I know there are at least 2 sizes out there.  If the rings are loose, they are too big and won’t seal very well.

BTW: The after market manifolds/o-rings became such a pain in the buttox that I went back to the stock manifold with rtv silicone.  Much easier and it last a couple of track days.