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Todd Kageals

Just thought I would post back on what we came up with.  Dad essentially made a nut like posted above but with a 3/8 square drive hole in the middle.  We chuck a short socket extension in the drill with just the Coleman clutch on the end.  We drive it with my 20v drill.  It started 2 karts through a full day of practice and a full race day and still had 2 of 3 “bars” on the battery.  It works great.  The kart was a little flooded at one point on Friday and we just spun it with the drill until it started!  Soooooo much easier than turning it by hand.  Chris….. yeah….. I’d love the on-board starter you guys have built.  However, I can’t spend the money for it  BECAUSE of all of the things you mentioned above…..lol!