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Chris Reinhardt

John, I believe you mean CRF250?

Honda did do a big push a few years back when they put together the whole package and I believe they announced a series, then I heard the 4 strokes were banned from that venue???

The big difference and fear is, you can run a 2 stroke till it blows up, worse case scenario, you ruin a jug, maybe a crank, you’re talking $600-$800 in parts…

You blow up a 4 stroke, worse case scenario, jug, head, crank, maybe cases, could be several thousand dollars in parts…  Ask me how I know.. :)

On the plus side, you never lean, or cold stick a 4 stroke and if you stay on top of the maintenance, they hold up very well.

BTW, over revving has never been an issue, usually stock rods fail on the throttle, or over used slipper piston give it up, and I’ve had after market valves fail…



Chris Reinhardt

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