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Sean S

What does your current clutch drum look like? Does it have holes in the face (MY09) or is it solid (MY07)? I only ask because my friend (don’t ask me why) has both engines with more 07 parts. He sometimes uses the 07 drum, which is wider, on the 09 Leopard. He said it works if you double up the washers on the engine side of the clutch bearing, pushing the drum away from the flywheel/clutch assembly… He never said anything about wear yet, but I’m sure it would just push the chain and driver out more, causing wear on the cover like that. Or possibly the engine side, coned thrust washer is backwards? The coned/angled part should be facing the engine. The angle of that wear pattern on you cover looks like the drum/driver is pushed out too far and the links/pins of the chain are dragging on it.

Hopefully someone others will chime in with some other tips. Here is an exploded view of the clutch side. https://cometkartsales.com/Leopard-MY09-Clutch-Parts/

and welcome
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