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Evan Fraser

I was out for testing this weekend and had no luck.  I added seat struts and added caster and ackerman to the front.  I widened the front track to max and installed the front bar at one point for testing and when the wheel was turned to lock the opposite rear wheel wouldn’t just get light, it would lift off the ground, so the jacking is certainly there.  I had one guy tell me that I was lifting the inside rear on entry and then it would plant itself back down and stick.  I still have ridiculous understeer at all points in the corner.  I’m so stuck that the kart only accelerates in a straight line.  I even took all my lead off and moved my seat back so my struts are nearly vertical to the mounting points on the bearing carriers.

At this point I’m thinking of taking the front and rear apart completely and checking everything before I put it back on.  While I have very little rolling resistance going straight I’m beginning to wonder if one of my bearings is locking up when twisted.

I did also inspect the frame and while I do have some cracked paint the tubing underneath it appears to be intact.

I took a friend’s kart out for a spin and knocked 2.5s off my lap time.  He took mine out and lost 3s.  At least I know I don’t just suck horribly :D

Thanks again guys.

Evan Fraser

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