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Jim Derrig

Two observations:  1.  What you want is what is being run at your local track, not the coolest thing available on the internet.

2.  Kids have a knack for finding out what they want to do and can do well, which often doesn’t conform to their parent’s desires.  My dad was an all-state football and hockey player.  I sucked at both sports, but was pretty good at basketball and not terrible at auto racing, sports my dad cares not one wit about.  My daughter is a 4-year letterman in softball, a sport I find only slightly less boring that golf, and my son is deeply into ultimate frisbee (yes, it exists).  If you go out and buy a fancy toy be prepared for your son to hop in and be totally untalented, totally uninterested, or totally terrified, and be prepared to accept that without pressuring him to do what you want.