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andy graham

thanks TJ….I’d really like to put him in a 30mm chassis, but I’m trying to work with what I have (a 32mm krypton) and considering he’ll be learning to drive a gearbox kart <not competing> with this set up, I figured we’d give it a try…ya know, you’re the second person to mention seat struts, however I dont run any on my evrr with a T9.5 seat and the thing handles unreal, must have to do with driver weight I suppose….I know shifters should be stiffer than tag set ups, I have the struts, I guess we could mount them and test attached and unattached to see what works better…if he takes a liking to the gearbox, we’ll sell the TAG chassis and this 32mm and get him a newer (14 or15) 30mm chassis….or at least thats my thinking….I think seat position is going to be crucial here