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Walt Gifford

Baruch, The bearings mentioned above are all 19mm wide. I have an 06 Margay with the wider cassettes. You might need 40x80x21 which is the extra wide bearing UC208-40. You also want rubber seals so you never have to clean and grease them. I just bought a set of 3 from the place at the link below and they are great quality and priced right. The little knub can be pulled out with pliers.


Measure the width of your cassettes before you buy.


P.S. if you stumble upon riekens racing selling bearings know this: They DO NOT take returns on any bearing under any conditions not even new in the unopened box. Also, the 40mm axle bearings I got from them you can see a big gap right through to the ball bearings. First time on the track they will start grinding dirt. Don’t get burned.

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