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tony zambos

start out with using the blue Loctite on the grub screws in the axle bearings that hold the axle in place. Also Loctite the bolts that hold the axle bearing cassettes to the chassis. You can omit this if the cassette bolt heads are drilled for a safety wire.
All of the steering hardware should be cotter keyed or safety wired, i.e., the bolts thru the steering wheel to its hub, the bolt thru the upper steering shaft support, the bolts at both ends of the tie-rods, the pivot for the brake pedal. More than likely there are E-clips at the bottom of the steering shaft and at the ends of the front spindles.
Get in touch with the organization you are going to race with and acquire their rule book which spell out all the safety procedures. Also check with your local kart shop.

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