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Brock Weiss

It sounds like you have your mind already made up about the Tony Kart and OTK brand and that is fine but there is a reason why people drive them. My son has driven a few karts brands in the past and I can only tell you he won’t drive anything else other than OTK Karts.

I don’t think owning a Tony Kart is a status symbol to me as I actually think they are quite ugly if you want my honest opinion but they do work if you want to win races.

Many suggestion would be if you are looking for that .2 would be to keep with the CRG brand and try to find it that way.

I will say the Top Karts are fast are our local track but I’m not sure how much they flex and I’m not a fan of the quality of parts. With that said though the Top Karts are fast and the new ones are all 30 mm chassis all the way around which might help but I know nothing other than that.

i know my son tested the Top Kart when we were thinking of switching brands but he still preferred the Tony Kart over that  but again everyone is different

my advice is to see if anyone at the local track has something you could test out and see for yourself