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Brock Weiss

You should have no problem getting two years out of a Tony Kart and still be competitive.  Just depends on how much racing and what level you are racing. We had a Kosmic Kart that was two years old and we traded it in for a new Tony Kart because I thought the same myth about Tony Karts and we are the same speed with a new one versus his old one.

So I guess I’m telling you we didn’t see a difference between a two year old chassis and a brand new OTK chassis in terms of performance

But if I were you I would just wait until TJ Koyen or Gary Lawsen weighs in on this as Im sure they will and listen to them as they are the almighty when it comes to things like this

never mind it looks like TJ beat me to it as he was leaving you a post as I was typing this. Damn he is fast both on the track on on here!