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Frank Cire

Bruce: somewhere between serious racing and playing around.  I’m not competitive by nature, but I am a G junkie and I love a good dice.  I also like building stuff.  I can’t deal with sprint racing because of all of the contact.  It’s annoying, it hurts a lot, and it destroys equipment for no reason.  If I wanted to do demolition derby, I would.

I have a vintage dual enduro with Hartman engine clutches and KT100s that I am trying to get together to do some vintage road racing.  After I get my feet wet I would like to build something modern.  I’d like to use metric components because I have a lot of them already, as well as two Rotax engines.  However, b<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>ringing a new enduro chassis into the world seems like going to a breeder for a new dog when there are thousands of deserving dogs languishing at the pound, that is, it sort of feels irresponsible given the decline in the sport.  Right now, I am just trying to figure out my options.  Front brakes also appear to be completely different in philosophy so I am weighing my options there as well.</span>

I am just now understanding the price difference between US/SAE components and the European metric components as I have been bitten by the vintage restoration bug, so I guess I’m not really sold on metric components, but after running a 50mm axle, everything smaller just feels…small.

Funny you should ask about cooling, I was thinking about fabricating a finned heat exchanger to run along the top of the kart rather than tucking a radiator inside the body, where I’d have to eat the heat, or hanging the radiator out in the breeze, thus negating my hard earned aerodynamic sleekness.