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David Carrier

Thanks, all.  I’ll try to swap the wheels and give it a whirl.

Freddy:   I wondered if it would be a frame issue.  I purchased the kart used from the original owner, but he never used it.  It sat on a stand in his garage and never even had fuel in the tank.  The only possibility that comes to mind as far as frame damage could be from possibly having the chassis dropped at somepoint?  I don’t have adjustible pills so as far as caster/camber, the front end just stays at factory settings (aside from toe).  If worst case scenario, it turns out to be a geometry issue, can the kart be bent to the appropriate shape or am I at a loss?

Greg:  I have ensured that I’ve centered the steering wheel for alignment.

I appreciate the input you all have provided and it gives me a good foundation to try to tackle this issue.