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Mike Lyda

My son was born with Cerebral Palsy, and was in therapy to do simple things like jump, walk up stairs, etc at the age of 5 when he begged us to drive a little rental kart.  We were very hesitant to let him drive but he was a huge racing fan and wanted to get on a track.  Here’s his first time in a kart back in 2008:

He spent a few years in rental karts, did a couple of indoor karting camps, and then raced indoors and won a championship.   With a lot of concern on our part we let him try outdoor karting.  He did well enough by himself at outdoor karting speed that we let him race Rotax minimax and he is now racing Yamaha Junior at the USPKS level.  Karting has been awesome “therapy” and has been a huge boost to his self confidence.

Here’s his Facebook page with recent photos, videos, etc:  https://www.facebook.com/emorylydaracing

Kids with CP can gain muscle control from things like swimming, riding horses, and even karting and if they find something that they can do where the CP doesn’t limit them then it can help their whole attitude on life.  If you can get him in a kart and he does ok then it might just change his life.