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Brock Weiss

So we had our race this weekend and wouldn’t you know my son ended up taking P1 yesterday and P2 today.  We almost won again today but missed it by about 7 inches that is how close it was.

More importantly, we used our new KPV engine that Brandon at Comet Kart Sales built for us and the thing was a rocket!

we went from 14200 RPMS to 14800 just by switching engines.

I think the thing that makes me mad about this whole deal is that I called the engine builder in question and told him my issues with motor and even sent it back to him telling him no matter what we did we could not get over 14200 RPMS  and he sent it back saying it was perfect And there was nothing wrong with it And it was us for some reason even though I told him I had three other people drive it and they also couldn’t get RPMS

Well today proved that there was something wrong with it because we gained 600 RPMS using The Comet built motor and won yesterday and took 2nd today.

I just upsets me that I was charged $1200 for a rebuild and all I got was a pile of junk from supposedly one of the best engine builders in karting right now. You would think they would stand behind their work and still build a top level engine even for club racers

At least I have a new engine builder in Brandon and Comet Kart Sales as he really built a good engine for me and didn’t care if I was a club level guy or a national guy.

Needless to say I’m sending this other engine into Brandon to have him fix it and do a complete rebuild on it as he was also half the price of this other engine builder.

Alright im done being aggravated by this whole deal as at least I found a solid engine builder now that I can trust and will be sending all my engines to in the future