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David Galownia


Below are the bars soft to stiff (someone correct me if I’m wrong in the order here), but the stiffer you go the more front grip.  On greener tracks you’ll be stiffer on “rubbered up” tracks you’ll be softer.    We don’t mess with any bars other than the gold and flat bar.

flat bar placed flat
round bar 1
round bar 2
flat bar 45 degrees
round bar 3 (the gold bar)
flat bar straight up.

Also, wider front width, more castor, more positive camber equal more front grip.  Less front width, less castor, more negative camber (or less positive than you had) equal less front grip.

On your changes you made last week, everything you did removed front grip and your kart went faster.   You essentially were “freeing up” the kart.

I run a Tonykart 2014 in TAG, I’ve been running KRA @ NewCastle.  Track has been green all year.  One race I ran the flat bar 45 degrees, the rest of the races I’ve run the gold bar.  I’m typically at -1 click, neutral, or +1 click camber.

I’ve been confused as well at how they all work together but if I just need a little more little less front grip I change one click on the camber.  If I feel I’m further off I’ll change the bar.   If you’re all the way soft on the bar I’d change the castor next.  If you still have too much grip your seat may need to be remounted.

– Dave