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tony zambos

as a reference, download the article by John Savage on Rotax carbs. It’s pre-EVO. Go to http://www.karting1.co.uk/jetting-karting.htm and at the bottom of the page, click on Rotax Jetting Secrets. The floats are opaque so you’ll see fuel in the one that’s leaking. Use caution in putting the floats back in the carb, ALTO = UP.
Non-EVO things to check:
* fuel line that’s been pinched or kinked.
* fuel & pulse lines firmly seated at all the connections.
* Clogged fuel filter, either an external or internal to the carb.
* With engine running on the stand, wiggle the wire harnesses & the plug wire.
* Possible bad clutch.
* The idle and air screws on the carb set the same on both carbs.
* Nothing left inside the air box.
Good Luck.

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