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Walt Gifford

You say you started running high octane gas? that will retard your spark. Did the new builder use the same ignition timing? Don’t ignore getting your pipe cleaned.

Since the engine builder hasn’t been mentioned yet I can say in general the best builder might not do his best for you if you are not one of his golden boys that are out there building his reputation and what makes them the best might just be the best BS.

A new or unknown customer usually gets a safe ignition timing and lots of piston clearance so they don’t stick the piston and blame the builder. If it’s slow the builder can blame many things and back up his engine build with doctored dyno sheets that make outrageous HP claims.

I knew a guy that always talked about his dyno tuning, had dyno sheets on everything. Years later I found out he didn’t even have a dyno.

I had a customer bring me an engine from the best builder around here he scuffed the bore, put in a new ring and called it a total blueprint he’s best because he charges the most. Lot of BS in karting.


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