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Jim Derrig

see my response to “iame leopard starting issues” close to this topic you just started.

I don’t think the coolant leak is the issue.  As a boat owner I’ve literally drowned motors, pulled them off the bottom of the lake, dried them out, started them up and proceeded to run for years with no issues.  You can check the compression, but I’m willing to bet that nothing was significantly harmed.

I think you are back to square one because you never really left it.  You apparently have a weak or intermittent spark and are a bit over your head because you lack familiarity with the motor, and you need to pull in some outside HANDS ON help beyond diagnosis by internet remove control.  Presently you are in “throw parts at it and hope” mode, and that seldom is cheap or effective.

Walt has offered to help and here is the email for the iame dealer in NJ: