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Brock Weiss


i tried adding teeth today and we went from 14000 max rpm and 5000 low rpm to about 14100 max rpm and 6500 low rpm but we were slower because we got passed on the straights because it was a higher speed track layout.

The he leader is running a 76 for gearing and he is getting 15000 rpm and when we try the same gear we get 14100 max rpm.

I’m just at my wits end on this karting stuff.  Especially when last year we had no issues at all with lap times or getting RPMS where this year we can’t get any speed at all.

Is it possible to just lose your karting ability? The reason I say this is a sent the motor back to this engine builder and he swears it is a strong running motor and it is getting 24,5 HP on the DYNO.  Which you would think with that kind of  HP on a KPV we should be faster than what we are and the engine builder said we should be getting 14700 RPMS easy.


Problen is is we are not and that is where I’m confused as hell. I have had people watch Blake and they said he seems to be racing just fine