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Christian Fox

Hi Samir, glad you found a motor. To answer your questions:

-You need to use the Yuasa/Rotax battery

-You can use Motul 2T at 50:1 ratio for NE Regionals or clubs, national Rotax events require Rotax XPS

-93 pump gas from the gas station down the road (O’Dell’s) is the spec fuel. Use 93; anything lower octane won’t pass tech

-Mojo D1, must be purchased from OVRP for the regional event (this is standard practice)

-drive sprocket lock is very handy

-exhaust springs do need to be Rotax. Black for old package, Evo springs are silver

-The tire protection system you are referring to s for DD2 only. All other classes use the regular black, plastic CIK bumper.

Good luck! We’ll be there tomorrow so Aidan can practice in his Mini Max.