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I hopped in my seat last night just to try to see if I could locate the source of the pain. I think it was actually due to the seat mounting hardware on the right side. Although the mounting screw does have the mounting hardware on it to protect against suit wear, I think that this was causing a pressure point when pushing against my rib vest. I think haven’t seen this issue on my left side since the track I’ve been driving at doesn’t really have any high-speed right hand turns, but does have 2-3 high-speed left hand turns, which would cause me to really push up against that one spot.

I dug up a spare Tillet T8 seat that has carpeted sides and added a little bit of 1/2″ padding on each side down by the hips and legs to keep me snug. When I sit in the seat with my vest on, it seems to fit pretty snug. The seat definitely sticks to me if I stand up (seat isn’t mounted yet). I’m thinking maybe the carpeted padding on both sides will prevent the seat hardware from digging in since it would be lower than the carpeting AND that since the carpeting runs the length of the rib area, maybe this will help to more evenly distribute pressure when turning.

Any credence to this theory? Also, I should’ve mentioned before I’m just over 5’10” @ 145lbs so I’m on the smaller side.