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Dennis Chappell

Don’t want to start anything but, while standing with everyone else along the front straight at Blackhawk the thought of karts getting together and where they may end up sent a chill down my spine. People standing on guardrail hanging half there body over it. I want to see the race from the best possible spot, get the perfect picture like everyone but I would hate to see what could happen if a kart was to come over that guard rail.  I was at a sprint kart track years ago and seen two karts get together one kart got airborne cleared the fence and landed in the pit. I sat in turn one on the hill at Eldora for a Outlaw race and had Steve Kinsers gas tank land inches from me with fuel pouring out. There was a wall and fence between me and track.  Just like to hear what people think, maybe its just me.  Would also hate to see karts band from these tracks.