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Patrick Roth

It’s been a while since I ran a Leopard but will give you some feedback…

While not in the location you desire, I had success using Comet Kart Sales. They had good pricing, response time, and were unbelievably helpful over the phone in guiding me through the things I wanted to do myself.

A top end is fairly easy to do (may need/want to buy a wrist pin removal tool and circlip installation tool); however, the bottom end requires specialist tools to split (and reconnect) the crank to remove the connecting rod. The bottom end also requires removing the clutch using a special tool but this is definitely a tool to have for when you need to replace the clutch.

The “advanced” do-it-yourselfers in my area will do everything to disassemble the top and bottom end but will still send the crank out to be disassembled/assembled. Given that these things spin at 17,000 RPM’s, I used to do top ends but sent the motor out for complete rebuild when the bottom end needed done.

If you haven’t done this already, Google Iame Leopard rebuild and you should find a rebuild manual that walks you step by step throught the process.