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TJ Koyen


I ordered mine off eBay as I couldn’t find an American distributor for them. I think they are working on that though.

I’ll update after this weekend and see how the new Bengio holds up in the standard seat.

In response to David’s post about the Zoombang pads; I also have some of those I’ve used in the back of the seat with good results. I tried to wear the Zoombang shirt but it protects the sides of the ribs more than the back and I found it to place pressure directly on my injury when I wore it.

Also just wanted to clarify I am not using actual egg crate pattern foam like that, I’m just using the same consistency and density of foam. Mine is flat. But it’s the same thing and I’m sure the egg crate pattern stuff would work just as well.

I was honestly so surprised the first time I sat in the kart with that padding in my vest. No pain for the first time in 2 years. And keep in mind I was already hurting really badly at this point so it helped quite a bit. Had I started the weekend with that foam, I’m sure I would’ve felt fine all weekend.

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