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Christian Fox

Mark (Parker), my friend Mark (Traylor) is 100% correct. There exists no actual baseline to test one vs. another. For example, we’ve beaten some brand new evos with our upgrade, but guess what, those evos had 2013 and 2012 cylinders. The 2015 cylinders that came with the motors were, after dyno testing,  chucked into the spare parts bin. They could have been running pipes from 2008 as well for all I know. What would you call that? An EvPro?? PrevEvo?? Any truly competitive Rotax motor is going to be a mishmash of various parts anyway, so short of part testing every component between an Evo and a Prevo, you’ll never know which part makes which motor better.

Micros are by far the toughest motors to get right…engine builders go through countless parts and hours looking for .1 hp (noticeable on the track in the hands of a good kid driver).