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James McMahon

How far are you willing to travel? Sandy Hook Speedway offers LO206. Check with them on entry levels.

In the absence of LO206 gathering momentum yet in your area, I’d recommend you look at the Briggs World Formula class. It offers reliability and ease of use comparable to the LO206 and is very popular in your area.

Unless you want to learn about (or have experience with) 2 strokes including jetting (along with consequences of getting it wrong = $$), carb rebuilding, mixing fuel and clutch tuning along with more frequent rebuild periods skip Yamaha KT100.

To me, if you are going to go to the trouble of learning those extra technical nuances, you might as well go with a TaG and get some extra speed for your trouble.

Starting off however, go for the minimum hassle, and max fun. LO206 or World Formula are where that’s at right now.